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“VNS’s Indian VIP Phone Number Services”

Just search for VIP Fancy numbers in India or VIP numbers in India on Google. We are sure that you will end up with dozens of such companies and online stores that deal with VIP Indian numbers and provide services for the same.

No Doubt, Internet Is Flooded With Variety Of VIP Phone Number Sellers, Stores, And Companies! But, here comes a question...

Are They Authentic VIP Indian Number Sellers? Is Your Money Safe?

Well, unfortunately, about 80 to 90% of those stores and companies selling VIP numbers for Indian customers are not real, and most are fake. In other words, you pay for your VIP Indian phone number, and the story ends there. Neither you ever hear from them, nor you receive your ordered VIP phone number. In other words, such companies and stores are fake, and they are running the scams.

Here Comes The VIP Number Shop For Rescue And Provide Legit And Real VIP Phone Number Services.

Established and running since 2007, we are continuously offering the best class VIP phone numbers services in India. We have been fighting against all such fake and scammy VIP number service providers by providing buyers 100% legit, authentic, and value for money VIP phone number services all over India. Not only this, but we are also certified and registered VIP number sellers having our head office in Chandigarh.

We Are The Biggest, Oldest (Since 2007) And Number #1 VIP Phone Number Across India!!

With a collection of over 300+ VIP number subcategories, VNS is the only Indian VIP number seller capable of fulfilling all kinds of VIP number demands for the Indian users. Other than this, 100% of our customers are happy and satisfied with our services. If you don’t believe, feel free to explore our Facebook and Google Business page reviews and verify yourself. We are proud to say that you will find no negative comments or reviews about us or our VIP phone number services.

Value For Money Services

Yes, from the last 14 years, we are doing our best to ensure that our customers get the best value for their money. You will find dozens of websites and stores on the internet that sell VIP numbers. However, when it comes to offering value for money, none of them are able to satisfy their customers. Here comes the VIP Number Shop, with more than one lac happy and satisfied served customers. None of them was disappointed in any aspect. Don’t believe us and our words, feel free to check our online reviews on Google And Facebook yourself!

Wide, Huge And Best In Market VIP Number Collection With Competitive Price Tags

Most of our customers have appreciated that our collection of VIP numbers is outstanding and eye-catching. We guess if you explore our collection, you will agree with this fact too! Above all, we challenge and offer a 99.9% lowest price guarantee on every number you buy.

Unbeatable, Competitive And 99.9% Lowest Price Guarantee

What matters the most when buying something is the “PRICE Tag”. It’s not about selling something at extremely high or budget price, but it’s all about selling something at the right price considering the quality. Whether you talk *786 combinational numbers, *0000, *00000, or any other patterned number, you will find a wide collection with the very right price tag at our store. Whatever number you choose to buy, we promise that in 99.9% cases, the price will remain the lowest compared to any other stores or websites.

Easy, Safe, And Secured Payment

We strictly don’t compromise on anything when it comes to customer’s payment safety. We have implemented a very robust and secure payment system in our store. All payments are processed via secured bank servers and are 100% safe. Also, we have multiple payment options available for you, including UPI, bank transfer, credit/debit card, GooglePay etc. In short, your payments are 100% safe and secured. Also, you can pay whatever way you find best and convenient for yourself.

Need More Reasons To Choose VIP Number Shop For Your Next VIP Phone Number Purchase?

  • 13 Years Of Proven Track Record, And Number One Seller Across India

  • India’s only oldest, biggest, honest, reliable, and trusted website/store

  • 300+ VIP number subcategory - way more than any store or seller have so far

  • 100% safe and secure payment via Credit/debit card, UPI, wallet and online banking

  • COD option available on most numbers

  • No IVR, Direct Contact

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee With Money Back Assurity

  • Served VIP numbers to more than 1 Lac+ happy customers

  • No Negative Feedback Anywhere; be it Facebook or Google

  • Full Dedicated and professional customer support from ordering to delivery and satisfaction

  • 24/7 Chatbot for help

  • Dedicated Account Manager for every order and Whatsapp Assistant / Support

  • Support until your number get activate

  • Get UPC delivered as many time as you need

  • No hidden charges, You pay what’s mentioned on the website

  • Best value for the money - You get what you pay for

  • Best search System on the store to find the best one that matches your personality

All India References Available To Build Trust With You...

“Your Nearest Locality/Pincode Based Existing Customer Experience And Service Verification” As said, we have served VIP number services all over India in the last 13 years. There is no single state or city we don't have our existing buyer located in. Furthermore, if you challenge us to provide you with one trusted factor that explains why we are the best, why you should trust, and why you should opt our Indian VIP phone number services, we are happy and proud to do so. Simply share your locality/are or Pincode, and we will share the contact details of our existing customer living within the same locality/area or Pincode as yours. You call them and confirm whether our services are genuine, they are satisfied with it, will they recommend us or whatever question you may want to ask them about us and our services. Feel free to contact our customer support team and ask for the contact details of our existing customers living in your area/Pincode.

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If you have questions or queries, please feel free to reach our customer care executive on the below-given credentials;


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