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VIP Number Shop (VNS): Registered, Verified And Trusted

“Be Genuine, Be Remarkable. Be Worth Connecting With.”

Want To Buy A VIP Phone Number

Beware that about 80 to 90% of shops and stores selling VIP numbers are fake and your money could be at risk.

That’s one of the reasons why people are afraid of buying VIP phone numbers online in India.

No More Fear And Risk!!

We, at VIP Number Shop, are fighting continuously against fraudulent and spam websites/shops/stores for the last 14 years and helping customers in getting honest VIP number services with no scam and fooling.

You Can Trust Upon Us And Our VIP Phone Number Services!!

We have been providing the VIP Number Services all over India since 2007. We have built a strong relationship with all our customers, buyers, and sellers in the last 14 Years. Furthermore, VIP Number Shop is a verified and registered VIP Number provider (Reg. No. 5217) having head office in Jalandhar.

Need More Reasons to Trust Us??

No negative feedback and reviews anywhere, including Google And Facebook, in the last 14 years of our business journey. We always go the extra mile to make our customers happy and satisfied, and that’s one of the main factors customers love and trust VIP Number Shop’s services.

There’s No Risk At All When You Shop Vip Numbers At VNS!!

In the last 14 years, we have delivered VIP phone numbers to almost every city and states in India. With over 70K happy customers, we feel proud to say that we are the only authentic, verified, and reliable VIP Phone Number provider in India.

No Fake Claims Or Promises - Verify Credibility Of Our Services Yourself!

With existing customers over 1 Lakh, we have served VIP numbers to almost every state and city in India. If you still have doubts about VNS’s honesty and service credibility, get in touch with us and share your location or postal code. We will share the contact numbers of our existing customers from your locality, and you can call them or chat to verify the credibility of our VIP phone number services and honesty yourself.

Our Business Rely On Our Customer’s Trust And Their Satisfaction!

Go and grab your favorite VIP phone number today at VIP Number Shop!

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