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About US And Our Values

Are you looking for the best VIP phone numbers or VIP fancy numbers in India or its states? You have arrived here on the right webpage. That's where the VIP Number Shop comes into the picture with top-notch and best-in-market services with the very competitive and affordable price tag.

VIP Number Shop (VNS) is the nation’s leading #1 VIP and fancy number provider since 2007 with over 70k+ happy customers. We feel proud to say that our VIP and fancy numbers attract thousands of eyes in the market, bring conversions, and boost engagement.

We Have 13 Years Of In-Depth Experience And Proven Track Record Of Providing The Best VIP Number Services

Over the last 13 years, we have been offering unmatched, top-notch, and satisfactory VIP phone number services to our clients and customers. We are creating a new milestone every day in our business niche by offering what our customers look for and giving the best value and beyond expectation VIP phone number services to them at a very competitive price.

Be it business or individual, we are helping everyone from all over India. With our easy to remember and eye-catching VIP numbers, our customers are able to take the response rate, marketing effectiveness, and advertisement approaches to the next level.

Till date, we haven’t disappointed any of our customers in any aspect and served more than 70k+ VIP and fancy numbers to our happy customers. Our reviews and our customer’s success rate speak the same.

They Deliver Numbers... We Deliver Numbers With Real Value And Experience

Whether you talk about online or offline, it’s flooded with thousands of such companies offering VIP number services. But, we are unique and different from those traditional VIP number providers. With us and our services, you rest assured that you will get top-notch VIP number services, payment safety, support, and peace of mind.

Being a reputed VIP and Fancy phone number provider in India, we promise you the best-in-market experience every time you choose us. No hidden games, no hidden terms, you get what you pay for. Customer satisfaction is one of our top tier priorities, and we never compromise on it.

Whenever It Comes To VIP Phone Phone Numbers, VIP Number Shop Should Be On Top Of Your List

Our Values
At VIP Number Shop (VNS), we work with values. It's our values that further helps us in providing our customers 100% satisfaction. Thanks to this, they are trusting and choosing us again and again from the last 13 years.

We Respect You And Your Time
At VNS, we respect our customers and their time. Instead of doing a lot of jargon, we keep everything simple yet easy to understand.

We Prefer Transparency And Honesty
Whether you talk about pricing or our services, we prefer to remain transparent and honest in every aspect. As we said earlier, you get what you pay for. There are no hidden games and charges at all.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
What matters the most to us is the customer’s satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is what we have been working for the last 13 years. The reputation and popularity we have today in the market is thanks to our “100% Customer Satisfaction Or Money Back” policy. When you choose us and use our services, rest assured that you are going to get the top-notch and best-in-market VIP phone number services at a very competitive and affordable price.


SINCE 2007